written by Jesse Attreau

The man who created the logic-based approach for assessing the Bible as well. The logic-based approach is the most valid and most powerful approach there is for assessing the credibility of the Bible. It effectively eliminates the need for most, if not all, of the other arguments typically used to disprove the Bible, scientific, biological, cosmological or otherwise. The book debunks many of the major claims made in the Bible as well as most of the major arguments currently being made in support of it by it's believers. In slang terms, it's a hatchet job and proves conclusively, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the Bible is not the word of a god. The book also includes Mr. Attreau's astonishing theory for the universe. (The mystery of the universe has been solved; the strong nuclear force is no longer the strongest force in the universe.)

"My book is the best book ever written on the Bible ..."

Jesse Attreau